We specialize in Debt Collection and will guide you through your debt collection. We research your debtor using various trace and credit databases and recommend the best action to take to get your debt collected. Our Debt Collecting Agents are part of the local network of Collection Agencies. We cover all aspects of Debt Collecting and Debt Recovery. Our Debt Collection Agency is well known & highly recommended for recovering all unpaid invoices & arrears within a short period of time.

So you have made a sale, you supplied the service / merchandise / rental and now you find out that your customer has become your debtor. Communication has dried up and you are wondering what services a debt collector can offer to obtain a quick effective collection of your funds for you.
The first thing to think about is that not all debts are the same. There are many reasons why a valued customer may have become a debtor; the reason is relevant to which debt collection services are best to utilise to obtain a result to the debt situation. Special consideration should also be given to who your debtor is and what assets or legal entity they may have.

We at Capital Factors and Debt Management Services offer many services under the heading of debt collection and each service is specific to the stage of collection of a debt. The following sections explain the details of each stage and how and why we may recommend specific actions at any stage of collection. We offer debt collection services from basic free debt collection, where all costs are passed to the debtor, through to Litigation and High Court Enforcement and Liquidation petitions. If you are looking for a professional and all-inclusive collection service from your out-sourced credit control agent, we are that Company.
Breakdown of Services:

Debtors often try to walk away from their responsibilities and indebtedness to you. To the untrained eye it can often seem as if they have disappeared from the face of the earth. However, if you know where to hunt, the scent of their new hideout can often be found. Once we are on their scent, a little more investigation usually leads to the debtor’s full, new residential profile.
Don’t write off a debt just because the debtor has tried to hide behind a new address. Employ us as specialists in finding debtors. Call them to account. It is increasingly more difficult to disappear from the modern world; we all leave electronic footprints of our movements. Specialist tracing agents like ourselves have access to major databases, to view, watch and research debtors’ present residential addresses as well as to any assets which they may own.

To name a few of the databases we search are:

• Companies House
• Insolvency service
• County Courts Judgement Register
• Electoral roll
• Telephone directory
• Land registry
• ‘Who is’ website
• Debtors register
• Creditors shared community
• DVLA register

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