Are you finding it difficult to trace your debtors? It is ill-fated that many debtors relocate in an attempt to leave debts behind and cease calls from recovery officers as well as other efforts used by recovery agencies to recover debts. Some account departments in many businesses give up when they face bad recovery cases, forfeiting funds that rightfully belongs to them. Skip tracing refers to approaches used by recovery officers to pursue debtors who have gone missing.

Fortuitously, debt recovery agencies have now employed technological method to help track missing debtors. They work tirelessly to discover leads and uncover information to find out where missing debtors are hiding. Nevertheless, there are various laws regarding who a debt collector can speak to about a debtor’s personal information, skip tracing is extremely effective. Any properly licensed debt recovery company that operates within the law can even employ deep skip tracing methods to locate debtors who have relocated to another county or state.

Capital Factors and Debt Management services (CFDMS) is a fully-licensed debt recovery company, who are always prepared to tackle complex debt recovery cases using skip tracing technology.

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