The case with a sad ending.

Not all debtors are able to pay their debt. There are times debtors run away not because they don’t want to pay their debt. They run away because their businesses have collapsed or they may have lost their jobs etc.  Recently we were tasked by our client to recover a debt due by a small firm. The debt had accumulated more or less steadily for about fifteen months.

We served them with a demand letter but they did not respond. It got to a time they stop answering calls from us. We visited their website and sent a message to anybody we could identify from their web site. We tried all means to recover the money but unfortunately discovered the sad news.

Further investigation on the debtor revealed that they had gone bankrupt which had made a lot of people to sue them in court. The debtor’s company was in shame and in trouble. This left us with no option than to advise our client to write-off the debt because we may waste resources.

The case with a happy ending

We have noticed that people without much money tend to move more often. Though we have honest people, a debtor who is determined to go into hiding can do so forever.

We were recently contracted to chase a similar debtor. Previously, the gentleman had lived in Osu and had left behind a large pile of bills on the mat with no forwarding address. Never mind, in this case, we were fortunate because one of his forma neighbors helpfully gave us an address to his new house. Fortunately for us it was his birthday so we told him we wanted to deliver “birthday flowers” to him. Upon meeting the debtor in his new apartment, he was so surprised to be located and paid up without further fuss which gave us a happy ending.

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