In our previous article for last week, we wrote about tracing run away debtors using technology. In today’s article, we are going to continue and share an experience with you. Every now and then when a creditor comes to us with an issue of debt ending that they have not gotten the address of their debtor, we don’t necessarily consider it as a lost.
We work with a first-class tracing agency who assist in tracing debtors. The agency operates in such a way that they don’t go against the law. We work together on a no win no fee basis and strive at achieving our goals. As the saying goes “two heads are better than one”, the report often comes out with extra details such as telephone numbers, place of work, national identification number, current transaction made etc. With this information, the chase for recovery starts.
There was a time we needed to trace a debtor who was no where to be found. Investigation revealed that, he had relocated to a different place which was not mentioned. Liaising with the tracing agency, we got some information about him which helped us got hold of him and recovered the amount he owed to our client.
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