Do you know that the kind of people you hire to do your recoveries can tarnish the image of your company? Take time to read the story below:

Mr. Bee is the CEO of a plastic manufacturing company. His company had been in existence for over 20years. He was seen as one of the greatest entrepreneurs and CEO in his community and beyond. He made a lot of profit, which increased his revenue until one day his revenue line began depreciating.

This was because his customers were defaulting. Upon speaking with a friend, he was introduced to a so-called Debt Recovery Agency called “We the Bullies Recovery Agency”. Mr. Bee contacted them without any due diligence done. After he signed the contract with them, he gave them the list of debtors and how much they owe.

“We the Bullies” as the name sounds tarnished the image of Mr. Bee with their bad recovery approaches. They were beating debtors and destroying their property all in the name of recovery. The news was captured by the media and was shown to the public. As a result, people stopped purchasing from Mr. Bee and was sued to face the law for giving the mandate to such unprofessional debt collectors to cause damage to people all in the name of recovery.

The improper recovery approach might threaten clients to withdraw their contract with you. So, contact Capital Factors and debt Management Services 0577674763, 0577669030, 0577669039 (+233)-302 670 991 / 302 674 697 or via our social media handles.


Alberta Arhin


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