Debt Recovery

Our customer centered approach is to increase their revenue with the first prize being low bad debts and high cash flows. With our debt recovery service, we take the reins to pursue your debt, handling each part of the process from final demand to enforcement. Our fees are calculated on results, you only pay us if and when your debt has been recovered from the debtor.

Credit Management

Our Credit Management Consultancy service provides you with a dedicated consultant to review and improve upon your credit management function, and train your staff with the most effective techniques.

Medical Recovery

We are a recovery company that always put patients first. CFDMS supports hospitals, physicians, and other medical providers in collecting medical debt from companies and individual patients. Medical Recovery officers have intimate knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing healthcare industry. As paradigms shift, our attention to your bottom line is our top priority.


Don’t write off a debt just because the debtor is hiding behind a new address. Employ us as specialists in finding debtors. We will call them to account. It is increasingly more difficult to disappear from the modern world; we all leave electronic footprints of our movements. Specialist tracing company like Capital Factors have access to major databases, to view, watch and research debtors’ present residential addresses as well as to any assets which they may own.

Rent Collection

We provide Rent Collection Service and the best way for landlords to collect rent from tenants. We recover up to 98% of debts owed by tenants. Contact us for all your rent collections and save your energy and time for other things.

Debt Counselling

Are you debt ridden? Are your debts giving you sleepless night? Are you running because of your debts? Worry no more, book a debt counselling session with our expert NOW. Focus on your business whilst we handle all your debt for you. We render services to Banks, Corporate Entities and individuals. Come to us because we hold the key to move you out of your debt. We can deliver courses for just one attendee up to a maximum of 15 attendees; we limit this number to ensure that all attendees have enough time to ask questions and make the most out of the day.

Other Services;